The issue of satellite dishes is an increasing problem between landlords and tenants. Many tenants don’t realise that installing a satellite dish violates the terms of their lease. Landlords are reticent to allow the installation of dishes and even councils have some very strict requirements in that regard.

From a landlord perspective, the dishes are unsightly, especially in terms of a block of flats. Imagine a 50-unit complex, each with its own dish attached to the building. Councils tend to agree with this assessment and often regulate the number of dishes that can be installed on a block (around 1 in 4 units as a generality). Uncontrolled dish installation undermines the value of the landlord’s property.

Estate and Lettings Agents need to be aware of the landlord’s policy, as well as council regulations, when selling or letting a property. The terms should be clearly set forth and explained to the tenant before the papers are signed.

As a landlord, it’s important to have a written policy with respect to satellite dishes, as with other technologies. If it isn’t specifically addressed in the lease, there is little you will be able to do about it later. Satellite television is becoming more popular throughout the country. Tenants don’t often think about this with respect to lease agreement terms unless the agent or landlord specifically advises of the policy.

Landlords can take various courses of action in this regard. A total ban on dishes is a popular trend. Other landlords, especially block owners, may decide a council approach is best – limit the number of dishes allowed per block. If the limits are reached, set up a waiting list. Other landlords may simply regulate the placement of dishes to the backside of the property in order to control aesthetics and property value.

Whatever your policy, it is important that it is in writing and is a part of your lease. Specifics should be set forth with regard to breach of the policy, as well.

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