Selling your home with Colin Bibra Estate Agents in Ealing

Residential Property Sales in Ealing – Our Sales team combines local, specialist knowledge with almost 30 years experience of valuing and selling property, in Ealing and its environs.

Our clients come back to us time and again, asking us to sell a house or flat we had sold to them years before!

Many go on to purchase a buy to let property (or two) with the proceeds, which we can let and manage for them.

We offer help and advice on ways to make a property more ‘saleable’, as well as information on what would represent good value when looking for an investment property in terms of yields and ROI.

We pride ourselves on having a reputation for integrity and transparency in all our dealings, built up over many years.

Clients are welcome to visit the office to consult with our sales team on local matters and how this may affect their property plans, for example, when is the optimum time to buy or sell or how the arrival of Crossrail in 2018 will impact on this.

A regular client recently described us as being ‘part of the fabric of Ealing’.

Our services to home sellers include –

Domestic Energy Assessors

Since 1st October 2008 new legislation requires that all rental properties placed on the market must have an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC. (This is not optional)

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) give landlords and tenants information on the energy efficiency of the property.

An EPC is only required for a property which is self-contained, and the certificate is valid for 10 years.

There are heavy fines for non- compliance both for the Landlord and for the Estate Agent. (£200 for the Landlord and £2,000 for the letting agent)

Colin Bibra utilises the services of a Domestic Energy Assessor who is qualified to produce the certificate; this can usually be carried out the same day.

Do you have one or would you like us to organise it for you?


A floorplan can increase the chance of selling a property, as it shows the layout of the rooms in relation to each other, thereby providing a sense of proportion that buyers can apply to the visualising of their belongings within the property.

It complements photos by enabling the seller to show the property and it’s true potential, in terms of shape and square footage.

Buyers are 30% more likely to enquire about a property that shows a floorplan. Some potential buyers will actually ignore property details that do not contain one.

A floorplan can save time before and after a viewing, to assess suitability and to serve as an ‘aide-memoire’ after the viewing, to assess the ability to make structural alterations or buy equipment, therefore it is an important marketing tool for the seller.


Once you have agreed an offer on your house, you need to instruct a solicitor to handle the transfer of ownership of the property to you. This is a legal process and as such, requires solicitors who specialise in the field of conveyancing.

It may also be a requirement of the mortgage company that you must use the services of one of their panel of solicitors. (Otherwise, we can recommend a solicitor from our own panel of ‘tried and trusted’ local firms) The solicitor or conveyancer will:

Draw up a draft agreement called Terms of engagement, setting out its fees and deposits requiring payment before any legal work can commence; write to the seller’s solicitor requesting details of title ownership and standard forms; raise enquiries; check the lease length; conduct the ‘searches’ with the Local Authority and Environment Agency, to ensure there are not any major problems with the property; check that there are no plans to build a new motorway or other installation that may affect the value or enjoyment of your new home; check flood risk; assist in contract signing and transfer of deposit to the seller; oversee exchange of contracts and completion.

There may also be a need for legal advice if you are a landlord with a difficult tenant or other related issue that needs resolving. Our highly-trained and experienced staff within the branch are able to help with many generic landlord/tenant queries and pass you to a local solicitor if there is a requirement for further action.

Mortgage and Financial Advisers

Many people have found the services of a financial adviser to be invaluable. They not only advise on the best mortgage for your needs but also offer advice on a wide range of other financial products, including protection, savings, investments and pensions.


This can include life cover to pay off the mortgage, critical illness cover if you become seriously ill and unable to work, private medical insurance for you and your family and house insurance to protect against fire or flood damage. This list is not exhaustive, but the right adviser can help you sort your insurance priorities in the event of the unforeseen happening.

Savings, Investments, Pensions

Choosing the right savings plan can be as simple as a low-interest, instant access savings account at your high street bank. Or it can be more complex savings products, such as Isa’s, personal pensions, unit trusts or corporate bonds. Whatever your needs, a qualified, independent adviser can help you and your family set and attain financial goals that can result in substantial savings over your lifetime.

Financial advisers must be registered and monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority and must pass a series of stringent examinations, so you can be sure you are talking to an expert.

Removal and Clearance

When you need to move home, you want to be sure your possessions are moved with care.

You will need to use a professional removal company with the highest standards who come highly recommended; a company that will make your house move or clearance as stress-free as possible.

Make sure you use a company that offers a packing service and is covered by in-transit insurance and public liability insurance.

We have a list of companies we would be happy to recommend who can give you free, no-obligation quotations and advice.

Damp and woodworm

There are times when a property is beset with problems such as damp or woodworm.

Dampness can be caused by a lack of ventilation, causing condensation and resulting in water build – up.

The solution for this would be to improve the ventilation by keeping a small window open.

In cases where woodworm is discovered, timber treatments offering guarantees are available.

Usually, a free of charge quotation is available resulting in a quotation.

There are companies specialising in Damp Proofing, Basement Waterproofing, Condensation Control and Woodworm that we can recommend.


This is a form of wood decay caused by fungi that thrive in damp, humid conditions.

The wood, when decayed, is darker in appearance and is prone to crumbling.

It is vital to eradicate dry rot before it damages the fabric of a building.

Plaster and wall coverings should be removed and the area affected should be treated using a number of chemical-based treatments that are effective against the fungi that cause dry rot.

As one of the leading estate management companies in Ealing, we work with companies specialising in all areas of the containment and eradication of dry rot and other issues associated with damp and humidity.

For help or advice in selling your property, please contact our sales team.