Support Our Local High Streets -  Save Stop&Shop in Ealing Borough

Ealing Council are proposing to make changes to the current "Stop & Shop Bays" in the borough. These bays currenly provide free parking for a fixed period, and help support local business.

Ealing Council are proposing to introduce changes that will see residents of the borough needing to use their mobile phones to register to park in these bays. Non-residents of the borough will no longer be able to use the Stop & Shop bays free of charge but will have to register and pay a charge.

We believe these restrictions will discourage shoppers and therefore threaten local businesses. 

We are asking residents to please sign an e-petition before Tuesday, 23rd February.

Dee White, proprietor of Bloom Studio florists in South Ealing Rd said: ''What the Council is proposing will make it harder to stop & shop and is a dreadful idea. I hope that the Council change their mind and support local businesses. Many of my customers pop in for flowers, perhaps to remember their loved ones at the nearby cemetery, and this will make them less likely to shop here. A lot of my customers live outside Ealing and yet shop here regularly. They will stop doing so if they have to pay.''

Cllr Gregory Stafford, Conservative Group Leader said: ''Labour’s plans are unnecessarily bureaucratic and a change that is not needed or welcomed by the local shopkeepers. These restrictions will only discourage shoppers and threaten local businesses, who are already under tremendous economic stress.

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