Estate Agents’ boards are increasingly littering the streets of Ealing, whether attached to the front of a property or a block of flats, or dumped unceremoniously on the pavement or driveway by irate residents.

Nails are frequently left exposed onto the pavement, ready to slice into flesh. Walls and fences are damaged by over-zealous board fixers.

Estate agents erect boards at properties where signs are prohibited by the Freeholders. Boards are often left in place for months after a property has been let or sold.

We are starting a campaign to remove all boards in the Borough of Ealing. This we hope will help to make our environment more pleasant to live in, safer, and greener.

Ealing Council has the power to ban boards under what is termed a Section 7 Regulation.

Please let us know whether you feel Estate Agents’ Boards should be banned by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages and having your say.