How to get your tenancy deposit back every time (Top Tips)

Tenancy deposit schemes are designed to safeguard your deposit and make sure that you get it back intact at the end of the tenancy.

(Sometimes, there is a deduction made for the inventory check in or out, but that should be clearly stated in your Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement).

Once you have served notice on your landlord, take time to look through your Tenancy Agreement as it will be important to ensure you have complied with the terms.

Here are some top tips for tenants:

  • DO leave the property professionally cleaned or cleaned to a high standard
  • DO have the carpet professionally cleaned if that’s how you received the property
  • DO ensure light bulbs are all present and working
  • DO ensure batteries in smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarms are working
  • DO make good holes in walls from picture hooks or shelving that you created
  • DO ensure the oven and cooker is cleaned to a high standard
  • DO clean the soap drawer in the washing machine
  • DO ensure you are up to date with all utility bills
  • DO leave gardens and hedges in a good condition
  • DO make sure you return ALL the keys


Deductions will be made from the deposit if the inventory check-out report highlights any of the above as being deficient or not of a good standard.

If deductions are deemed necessary and you are unable to reach agreement, tenants have recourse to a free and impartial dispute resolution service through the scheme in order to resolve the matter in a fair way for both parties.

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