Crossrail: What does it mean to Ealing?

With Crossrail scheduled for completion in 2019 (the first Crossrail link was identified in 1974 with a Hybrid bill presented to Parliament in 2005). The impact on the town is significant. Ealing has always been unique for its transport links and with the arrival of Crossrail Ealing will become even more of a Hub.

The Crossrail project is having a significant effect on property prices, and if you own a property in the Ealing and surrounding areas this may well be good news. However, this almost unprecedented rise in prices will virtually force most first time buyers out of the market.

There is some speculation that by 2020 house prices in and around Ealing Broadway could rise by as much as 49.8%.

All of us that live in the Ealing area are witnessing dramatic changes, you just have to drive down the Uxbridge Road from Ealing Common through to West Ealing Broadway to see those dramatic changes, with high rise offices and residential blocks of flats being built and an influx of new shops and restaurants opening up almost every month.

Ealing Broadway had for many years been going into decline but it is now undergoing major changes, and although this may not be to every local residents liking it seems inevitable. Let’s hope Ealing still remains the Queen of the Suburbs.

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