Tenant Deposit Scheme Changes: What You Need to Know

Ealing Property Expert, John Bishop of Colin Bibra Estate Agents and Property Lawyers, Anthony Best and Jeremy Teall of Prince Evans Solicitors, Ealing’s Leading Law Firm, have joined forces to present this important seminar for landlords on the changes going into effect next year with regard to the new Tenant Deposit Scheme.

Some of the questions we will answer include:
• What changes are coming and when?
• Why did the courts render the current system unworkable?
• How will the new provisions affect me?

Landlords have long known that the current TDS system is a nightmare. The question on many minds is whether or not the latest changes will solve some of these problems or actually create more. In our final seminar for 2011, we will explain:
• What went wrong with the current system.
• What you need to know about the changes and the ramifications.
• The government’s position on the changes.
• The Localism Bill – what changes are on the horizon.
• How to make it all work for you!

If you don’t have up-to-date knowledge of the changes coming about in 2012, you are at risk of making late payments and falling foul of the new rules. The current Government proposals are
designed to iron out the loopholes that proliferated the old system. If you are a landlord, you need to attend this seminar to learn more about what the new provisions do and do not fix about the current scheme.

To book a place, please register with Louise Heasman on
07950 248038 or email her at
Date: Tuesday 29th November
Time: 5.30pm registration for a 6pm start
Venue: Ealing Golf Club, Perivale Lane,
Greenford, UB6 8TS
Whilst the seminar is FREE, booking is essential!