How to Avoid the Biggest Student Renting Mistakes

Many of the posts on this blog have been directed at or from the perspective of a mature tenant/landlord. But what about students? I have taken over from John this week to give some student to student friendly advice.

Students have a terrible reputation when it comes to property. They are known for leaving the property in a state, not paying their rent on time and being an all-round nuisance!

However; this is not fair! And the allegations are not always true!

From one student to another, here are some tips on how we can improve our tenant/landlord relationship and furthermore, collectively rid of this counterfactual reputation students seem to have obtained…

  1. Choose a house you actually like! – if you choose a house you actually like; the chances are you will be more inclined to look after it as if it were your own – this means that at the end of your tenancy you will have no trouble getting your beloved deposit back! Not only this but it will also make your stay much more enjoyable; let’s be honest; students spend more time in bed than they do in lectures!


  1. Stay within your budget – if you are receiving a maintenance loan, make sure you work out how much the loan will allow for you to spend on your rent. Ask the letting agent if bills are included and if not, what can you expect to pay? This way you will not be left with no money eating Rice Krispies for dinner! Not only this but you can also avoid your landlord and yourself unnecessary stress with late rent payments.



  1. Don’t leave it till the last minute!!! – (now this is where I am truly guilty) Despite the stress that is caused if you wait till the last minute to find your property for the academic year, your options are limited. If you are fussy (like myself) then you will find the later you leave it, the more you have to spend to find what you’re looking for. Not keen on sharing a bathroom? Looking for a 3-bed en suite property is not something I would suggest leaving until 3 weeks before the year begins!


  1. Read your contract thoroughly – I know, the pages of your contract look boring but it’s important to read them. This may help you avoid costly situations such as getting yourself trapped in an extra-long tenancy agreement (remember as a student you don’t need a 12-month contract, 8 months will do!). You will also be aware of any additional charges you may be susceptible to.


There are plenty other things to be cautious of when renting as a student but I would say these are top of the list. They may seem obvious however they can easily spiral out of control!