COLIN BIBRA ESTATE AGENTS are proud to be sponsoring The Foundation for Endangered Species.

The Foundation for Endangered Species has four important facets that you may wish to learn more about on their website;-

• It is helping save rare animals from the horrors of extinction

• It is a member of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Andy Mydellton in the Vice Chairman and the Environmental Concern Advisor to the UK Schools Group of UNESCO.

• It is a prestigious West London wildlife charity working with local people.

• Projects include operations in Nepal as well as the Coastal and Marine Care Project.

• Website: Email:


COLIN BIBRA, Ealing’s most ethically minded estate agents have now sponsored the charity, the Foundation for Endangered Species. As a result, the Foundation has allowed Colin Bibra’s supporters to have their magazine, Conserving Wildlife, absolutely free. This is a first class and an environmentally-friendly service that many people will enjoy.
Hopefully many of the readers will appreciate the high quality journalism and features of one of the country’s best wildlife magazines. Together with the present circulation, subscribers, retail outlets and website traffic, this will guarantee a readership of at least 6,000 every quarter.
John Bishop, entrepreneur extraordinaire, has also made sponsored runs for the charity, and will continue to build links between Colin Bibra and the Foundation. John loves wildlife, and is acting on the greatest and most important question that has ever faced the planet (including nuclear war!); Global Warming and its consequences. He also wants to help save the most beautiful and endearing animals alive today.