As many of you know, there’s a strong sales market in Ealing for portfolio investors. The Ealing area is ideal living, and with a continuing shortage of stock coupled with high rental demand, it is a prime opportunity for investors.

London property in general is a great investment for overseas investors, many of whom are cash buyers. With global interest rates at all-time lows, we have investors waiting for prime properties in our area. Foreign buyers want safe investments to balance their portfolios and the double-digit increases in rents are very attractive.

With the promise of H2, we’ve seen a boom in infrastructure investments. Commercial and residential properties alike here in Ealing are a hot commodity for both local and foreign investors. Refurbishment projects are on track to improve the area and Ealing’s attractiveness to families and businesses.

One of the prime factors of Ealing’s attractiveness to investors is its desirable location coupled by rents that are significantly lower than boroughs like Chelsea or Camden. The stock of housing available here is ideally suited to families looking for more affordable housing, but who don’t want to move far from work and need adequate public transportation.

We are heading into what I feel will be a solid year of property sales. If you’ve thought about selling in the past – whether to upgrade your accommodations or get out from a hefty mortgage – you may be in store for a great opportunity to sell your home for a good price this spring.