Dear Landlords, Stop Blaming the Tenants and Look in the Mirror!

There is some bad press around at the moment regarding the rental sector which is coming from all political parties, the press and the media. No surprise that the landlords I have been talking to are feeling increasingly under pressure!

No doubt some of the bad press may well be justified, however the private rented sector is hugely important to the housing market and the economy and it isn't by any means as terrible as one reads in the press.


Yes, there are some unscrupulous landlords around, I have certainly met a few and in my opinion, they should be dealt with accordingly.

However, during my years as an Estate Agent practicing in the West London and Ealing area I have met some very good landlords.


The good landlords I have had the fortune to deal with have been landlords that:

  • Take a pride in the presentation and condition of their property
  • Act in a professional manner
  • Want his or her tenants to be happy


As a consequence, tenants remain with them for as long as possible.

These landlords will be aware of their obligations under the law, and furthermore understand the tenants’ rights.


If you are reading my blog and are considering taking your first steps into the private rental sector and renting out your first property then my advice is:

  • Never take short cuts
  • Invest wisely in your rented property
  • Don’t fill the property with cheap second-hand furniture
  • Always, especially between tenancies bring the property back up to a high standard


When you care neither for your property nor your tenants but are only interested in how much money you can make every month, you really are asking for trouble! Your property will more than likely start to lose its value as it falls into disrepair. The quality of the tenants that you attract also declines and you will inevitably have to face longer and more frequent void periods.

If you feel that you would like further advice on how to avoid risks and get the best from renting out your property then please email me and I will be pleased to advice you.


John Bishop